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Summary of the Survey on Domestic Regulations in APEC Concerning Online Shopping Platform Service Providers

The Boracay Action Agenda to Globalize MSMEs encourages economies to provide timely and accurate information on export and import procedures and requirements. Economies agreed to strengthen and promote the usage of trade information portals on goods and services trade. In addition, the APEC Service Competitiveness Roadmap (2016) instructs APEC Economies to develop a set of good practice principles on domestic regulations in the services sector, and subsequently, the APEC Non-binding Principles for Domestic Regulation of the Services Sector (the DR Principles) was endorsed at CSOM 2018.

This survey invites APEC Economies to provide information regarding the regulatory regimes applicable to “online shopping platform services” according to the regulatory principles set out in the DR Principles. Online shopping platform services refer to the provision of internet-based platform (website) services for wholesale and retail products and services mainly by third parties. Four categories of regulatory information are surveyed: 1) licensing requirements and procedures; 2) qualification requirements and procedures; 3) transparency; and 4) business names.

A total of 19 responses were received from APEC Economies (AUS, CDA, CHL, PRC, HKC, INA, JPN, ROK, MAS, MEX, NZ, PE, PHL, RUS, SGP, CT, THA, US, and VN). According to the responses collected, the practices of most Economies are consistent with the DR Disciplines. The DR Principles offer a good benchmark to understand convergences and divergences in related e-commerce regulatory regimes across the APEC region, as well as provide a basis for information- and experience-sharing.