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Government e-Procurement System

The e-Procurement System is a one-stop portal which provides a user-friendly, internet-based means for registered suppliers/contractors of the participating bureaus and departments to receive...


MarketPlace HK

Welcome to Marketplace Hong Kong! We are a marketplace app dedicated to allowing you to advertise and sell anything, anywhere in Hong Kong, completely free of charge. Create free listings just by a...


Igniting Creativity - Hong Kong, China's Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Creative Industries

Hong Kong, China made a presentation on the economy's support measures provided to SMEs in the creative industries, with a focus on the design sector. These include all-round support to nurture design start-ups through the Design Incubation Programme; revitalized decommissioned buildings to provide space for design studies and exhibition and art venues; and funding support through the CreateSmartInitiative to promote the development of the industries. Altogether, the support measures facilitate SMEs in the field to grow and establish their business in both locally and overseas.