Compendium on Methodologies for SMEs Internationalization

This initiative is envisaged as a contribution to the MSMEs Marketplace established under the Iloilo Initiative. It also addresses Leader's instructions to implement the Boracay Action Agenda (BBA) and facilitate SMEs access to regional and global markets. Particularly, this initiative will achieve the Common Goals towards 2020 outlined in the BAA, where the indicators include case studies of MSMEs participation in international markets and global value chains, and the increase in internationalization activities. In addition, this compendium will add value to the existing work programme under work stream 5 of the APEC Strategic Blueprint on Global Value Chains on Assisting SMEs to Benefit from GVCs.

Actions and Objectives

To develop a compendium of APEC best practices, methodologies and successful stories on SMEs internationalization, in order to:

  • exchange APEC member's policies, strategies and measures to achieve SMEs' internationalization in their economies;
  • exchange private sector's initiatives on:
    • MNC's programme to include MSMEs in their GVCs;
    • MSMEs' own programmes to go global.
  • develop a compendium of successful programs that can be used as reference tool to discuss on an APEC benchmarking methodology;
  • align economies' efforts in positioning SMEs into regional and global markets.