Programs on MSME Internationalization & Toolkits

Compendium on Methodologies for SMEs Internationalization

This initiative is envisaged as a contribution to the MSMEs Marketplace established under the Iloilo Initiative. It also addresses Leader's instructions to implement the Boracay Action Agenda (BBA), and facilitate SMEs access to regional and global markets. Particularly, this initiative will achieve the Common Goals towards 2020 outlined in the BAA where the indicators include case studies of MSMEs participation in international markets and global value chains, and the increase in internationalization activities. In addition this compendium will add to the existing work program under work stream 5 of the APEC Strategic Blueprint on Global Value Chains on Assisting SMEs to Benefit from GVCs.



APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership

Building the potential of MSMEs in APEC developing economies to foster sustainable inclusive growth and poverty reduction.


Guidebook on SME Business Continuity Planning

This Guidebook is intended to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) introduce business continuity plan (BCP).


Capacity Building for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Competition Policy and Law

This project is grounded in the understanding that SMEs play an integral role in stimulating a competitive economy, and while competition policy and law provide mechanisms for addressing anti-competitive conducts and practices, the effectiveness of these policies is limited by the lack of awareness amongst SMEs.

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